Reading QR-Codes With Your Smartphone

Lavilo™ Greeting Cards - Example of a QR Code

A QR-code, called quick-response code in long-form, is a two-dimensional code that contains information such as a link to a website, which can be read with a smartphone.

The QR-code on the back of our greeting cards contains a link to either our Lavilo® Travel Book or to pages in our online store, where we provide further information to the image on the front of the card.

This allows the recipient of your card to learn more about where the picture was taken or the overall idea for the image.

IOS Devices

If you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or higher then you are good to go. Just open the Camera App and point the camera to the QR-code.

A message should pop-up on the top of your screen saying WEBSITE QR CODE - Open “” in Safari.

Click the message. The webpage on then opens in a new window in Safari.

Android Devices

If your device runs on Android 8 or higher, there is a simple way to scan QR-codes using Google Assistant, which features a camera icon on the bottom of the app’s screen.

When you press this camera icon (not the camera app), Google Assistant will read the screen and give you feedback on the items it has identified.

Click the QR-code. Google Assistant will show you a message with the link to our webpage.

Click the link in the message. The webpage on opens in a new browser window.